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Stemless wine charms - “jingle/jolly” set



Stemless Wine Charms - “Jingle/Jolly Xmas" Set


Jingle Juice

Resting Grinch Face

Jolly AF

Gangsta Wrapper

Includes 4 individual charms consisting of two pieces each.

The front piece contains the saying on a square piece of food grade aluminum (with not tarnish or rust) and a magnet. The back (inside glass) piece contains a small circle piece of food grade aluminum (will not tarnish or rust) and a magnet. 

To attach, pull magnets apart and bring them together again with the glass in between. If wine charms disconnect and the inside piece is on the inside of the glass, tilt glass and bring outside charm near inside charm from the exterior of the glass. Be careful not to spill wine.

Legal disclaimer - due to the size of the back (inside) piece this does fall into choking hazard guidelines. This product is intended for adult use only. If magnets become disconnected do not drink until inside piece is removed or is held with the exterior piece. If inside piece should enter mouth, do not swallow, spit out charm (but not the wine).

Care and Rejuvenation

Hand stamping is a process where I individually hammer each letter by hand. There will be slight variations in alignment and depth. These “imperfections” are what creates uniqueness, and ensure you are getting a truly one of a kind piece. After the hand stamping is completed, the impression is filled with a darkening agent called patina. To prevent fading of the patina; remove jewelry before showering, swimming, or working out. The patina can be easily restored. See our FAQs for more information.