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⅛ inch brass cuff - messy bun & getting it done



⅛ inch Brass Cuff - Messy Bun & Getting it Done

Brass Cuff - Brass will tarnish and discolor over time. The cuff can be rejuvenated simply with soy sauce. See FAQs for more information. 

Care and Rejuvenation

Hand stamping is a process where I individually hammer each letter by hand. There will be slight variations in alignment and depth. These “imperfections” are what creates uniqueness, and ensure you are getting a truly one of a kind piece. After the hand stamping is completed, the impression is filled with a darkening agent called patina. To prevent fading of the patina; remove jewelry before showering, swimming, or working out. The patina can be easily restored. See our FAQs for more information.