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Frequently Asked Questions



What metal is the silver cuffs made from?

The Aluminum cuffs are made from 1100 food grade aluminum. It will not tarnish, rust or discolor. 

Copper and brass cuffs are entirely copper/brass (i.e. NOT plated)


Why is my copper/brass cuff turning color?

Copper and Brass are metals that will naturally discolor over time. This is a normal and natural process. 

My copper/brass cuff is too shiny how do I get that aged look?

Easiest way is to just wait. Shower, bathe, and wash your hands/wrists with the cuff on. 

My copper/brass cuff is turning color, how do I prevent this from happening?

You cannot prevent this natural process, but you can take measures to slow down the process. Take off cuff before showering, bathing and washing hands. After handling, a quick wipe of the face of the cuff (i.e. sleeve, shirt, etc.) to minimize skin oils. 

Can I restore the luster to my copper/brass cuff?

Yes. There are multiple ways to restore the brightness and luster back to your cuff. There are many products and hacks online, a simple search can give you options. There are two that we use here;

Soy Sauce - Let cuff sit in a dish submerged in soy sauce (cheap stuff, actually works better). Let sit for 15-20 mins, rise wash and dry. Repeat as necessary. 

Ketchup - THIS IS OUR FAVORITE - see Video Below;



The black ink inside the letters has faded/worn off. Is there any thing I can do?

Yes. A permanent ink marker can be used to restore the letters. See Video Below;



How do the Stemless Wine Charms Work?

The Stemless Wine Charms are two small magnets that hold on to one another with the glass in between. See Video for Demonstration;


Do you have a store where I can see your product live and in person?

Yes, There is no Twig & Lace® brick and mortar store. But, Thankfully a few shops in the valley have graciously agreed to display our products and products of other great local makers. Check out all of the stores that carry our products here.

Is there anywhere else I can see your products?

Yes. There are a few select markets and events we do though out the year. This is a Great opportunity to meet and chat with Michelle (The artist, creator and soul of Twig & Lace®). See our On Tour Page for more information and follow on Facebook and Instagram for our newest announcements. 

How do I get you in my store / at my market?

Contact us here at - Please provide as much information as possible; i.e. commissions, rent, space size, what products you desire, type of sayings (naughty, nice, snarky, etc.).

Sidenote - We are selective when it comes to adding new markets and stores. We like to give 100% time, effort, and care to each and every store and market our products are in. We will respond, to every inquiry. Every letter, symbol, and design is hand stamped. Time is limited and we want to ensure our market/store owners get the attention they deserve from us, so even if we may not be a fit now, or in the past, please reach out again if any viable/pertinent information has changed. 

Do you do wholesale or have wholesale pricing?

No, We believe in having fair pricing for all of our customers and the margins are just not there for wholesale pricing. We will offer discounts for bulk pricing (depending on size and type of order) (Note - time of year may play a factor as well, Holiday season gets busy)

For more information on bulk pricing - Contact us at .  Please provide as much info as possible.